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Welcome to Auto-Torque, a website dedicated to people interested in motorsport, motoring and motor cars. If you browse around the site you will find a great selection of material on all types of cars, not just top marques, but also the humblest of cars.

As well as topical articles on various cars, Auto-Torque has a page dedicated to a particular car, car club or motor trade business featured in ‘Spotlight’. In the News section you will be able to find out about car clubs and their activities as well as motor trade businesses in the surrounding area, or what activites Auto-torque has been participating in.

Auto-Torque in the near future will be offering for sale topical DVD’s on various cars, including information on clubs and the people who run them. Auto-Torque hopes you find their website interesting and informative and we hope you tell your friends! Do check back for regular updates in the Images, Video and Spotlight sections.

Aston Martin DB9S



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